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Why Parent Entrepreneurs Need to Use Webinars in Their Online-Based Businesses

We’re sharing why + how to use simple webinars to attract leads + be a team leader on autopilot (no matter your industry or stage of business).

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We deeply believe that any parent entrepreneur with an online-based business — regardless of their industry or stage of business — should do webinars for their audience. And you know that we rarely ever say should. ????

We love this analogy: 

Think about what would be more memorable to you: If your favorite band gave you a free iTunes download of their album OR your favorite band held a private listening party for you + a few friends where they play a few songs + told some off-the-cuff stories, too?

To us, this is the difference between writing a great social media caption or email + setting up an intentional webinar.

And to boot, webinars can be replayed again + again. Imagine if, as an audience member, you got to relive the private listening party all over again!

Writing an epic Instagram caption or blog post or drafting that juicy email newsletter is nice, but turning that into a 30-45 minute online webinar is entirely more impressive + memorable.

And setting your webinar to run on autopilot for you is entirely more supportive of your time autonomy as a parent entrepreneur. Imagine if you were the band that didn’t have to play that private party again + again, but could reap the rewards of it!

Let’s be clear: putting together an effective webinar does take a bit of work. But do this well + this could be the secret sauce for the sales + support you’ve been missing in your online-based business.

Today, we’re sharing why + how to use simple webinars to attract leads + be a team leader on autopilot (no matter your industry or stage of business). Let’s get into it!

The Need for Webinars in Online-Based Businesses

Webinars are the single most effective way to get your all-important mission, message + moneymaking value in front of your ideal client audience.

When you’re a parent entrepreneur, the battle with interruptions + overwhelm + analysis paralysis is REAL. You’re trying to implement 10,000 strategies at once, peeking at what your peers are doing on social media + then suffering from comparison-itis (hey, no judgment — we all do it!). 

There’s also the panicking on what the heck to work on next when you finally get a true moment to concentrate on your business without the “mom, mom, mom” or “dad, dad, dad!”

Mom holding her baby while working

That’s why, when parent entrepreneurs come to us looking for structure in their otherwise motivated-yet-chaotic day-to-day, we encourage them to put everything aside + just start doing webinars.

This applies just as much to seasoned parent CEOs with already-profitable + scaling businesses as it does to new business startups. There is always more opportunity for growing your revenue + audience while maximizing the use of your time.

Here’s what we know for sure: If you were to tally up all of the 1:1 organic reachouts you do to get leads + make sales in your business (whether through you directly or maybe a team member you’re coaching), you’d likely far surpass the amount of time it takes to create an effective evergreen webinar.

This evergreen webinar is essentially your own sales or training video that could then run on autopilot for you the next month… + then the next month… + then the next month after that… happily ever after, the end.

Imagine what you could do with that reclaimed time?

Happy family in bed together

You could:

  • Follow-up more intentionally with the hot leads who watch the webinar — focusing your energy + effort in a more effective way when you do sit down to work

  • Double-down on hosting more in-person events or other ways of meeting potential leads simply because you love a particular interaction style — paying less attention to the numerical results you’ll get + more attention to the enjoyment in the process (which is nice sometimes)!
  • Connect with your partner or children or both — giving them the best of your attention without pouncing to answer notifications or replies right away + trying to maintain the fleeting attention of a prospective lead.

  • Free up your schedule for more self-care, volunteering, cleaning the house, lunch with friends, or literally kicking your feet up on the couch while the kids nap + doing nothing else, just because you can.

  • Pour into your current team + clients who are already supporting your business well — reciprocating resources + encouragement that gives you an even better return on investment
The possibilities are endless.

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We’ve gotten incredible results from webinars — growing our business + audience in ways that we had never initially considered before, like: 

  • Earning our business thousands of dollars within a matter of hours of implementing

  • Building relationships with people we highly value + respect

  • Connecting us with the ideal clients who now make up our intentional parent entrepreneur community

  • Setting us apart as an authority in passive income parenthood because we’ve been able to teach our strategies to thousands of people

Honestly, what single business strategy would allow us to do ALL of that?

Webinars, that’s what.

And these results are consistently available to parent entrepreneurs who implement an effective webinar strategy, too. 

No. 1 — Webinars can help you earn more money in less time.

The bottom line is this: When you use webinars consistently, your business will make sales + grow your revenue. Yes, there’s a clear framework for a successful webinar that generates lots of sales, but once you have that: there’s limitless potential for profit.

Webinars have helped us earn tens of thousands of dollars per month. This is a core part of our online business model + what we teach to other parent entrepreneurs because it just plain works.

No. 2 — Webinars can help you build relationships with people you highly value + respect.

Webinars don’t always have to be so “official” + “professional”.

Jumping on a Facebook or Instagram LIVE or pre-recording a teaching video with someone who has a similar target audience to you can be a FUN way to expand your reach + build relationships with the people you highly value + respect.

Courtney jumping in with a personal story for a minute:

One of my favorite webinar experiences was actually my first Facebook/Instagram LIVE ever that I did with an organic CBD oil for pets. I had won the product in a giveaway, tried the products + gave an honest review (our pups saw great results!) + the owner reached out to say thank you for the generosity. 

I offered to be available for more testimonials or whatever would be helpful + the owner took me up on that offer asking if I’d ever consider going LIVE on Instagram with him.

I was TERRIFIED + felt so unqualified + unprepared to go LIVE especially in this foreign territory of someone else’s company. But I said YES. 

And we had so much fun doing the LIVE + the results of that joint effort were so great for us in growing our audience. Even more importantly, we solidified a business connection that yields continued benefits for both of us — ones we never saw coming.

Turned out, this business owner was great friends with someone who ultimately became my business mentor. Both of them upleveled my inner entrepreneur circle. And he went on to start a second business in a different market — one that I happened to have thousands of ideal customer leads in. 

The natural sharing + reciprocity that happened there — as it often does with these webinar-based connections — is unreal + often unlike anything you could expect initially.

This is all because — as an everyday consumer — I gave an honest compliment. I was no one special with any sort of unique credibility at the time. I essentially gave my dogs weed… like that was it.

My network has expanded from simple relationship-building like that + the beauty of it is that on the internet, your network can expand exponentially through a tool like webinars.

Webinars — whether LIVE or pre-recorded — can put your organic relationship-building on steroids. And as a parent entrepreneur, you need to double-down on those efforts that give you exponential growth so that you can be focused on your family + other priorities.

No. 3 — Webinars can help you connect with your ideal clients who turn into actual clients.

Think about this: when you’re watching someone online + they show their face on Instagram stories, or you see the little LIVE icon lit up next to their name, how much more excited do you get to click over + watch what they’re sharing?

The reality is that there’s nothing more personal + connective than seeing someone’s face + hearing their voice in an otherwise highly-graphic-designed online world. 

Webinars offer a longer stretch of engagement face-time to your ideal audience + gives them an opportunity to know you more intimately

This adds a human element to your brand — showcasing your relatable personality + a more complete story to who you really are + how you can help people through your offers.

Ideal audiences are significantly more likely to turn into ideal purchasing clients when they connect with the heart of the business brand, not just the business itself. 

Ask yourself: how much more likely am I to invest my personal time + money with someone I’ve seen + heard over a longer time period, than I am to someone I’m just quickly meeting in a social media ad or a static post?

Webinars expedite the trust-building process. When someone feels like they’ve had more time to connect with you, they are much more likely to want to work with you or buy from you.

And when they work with you or buy from you + benefit from your offers, they’re much more likely to make referrals. Imagine the ripple effect that can have on your marketing.

And the reality is that there’s only so much of your personality that you can infuse into a string of Instagram stories or a reel or a static post on your feed or blog. 

Webinars solve that need for deeper connection that makes the transaction in a distracting, designed online world.

No. 4 — Webinars can help you demonstrate authority in your niche.

One of the reasons most people shy away from webinars is because they feel unqualified to teach as they’re not “expert enough”.

What we’ve seen in the most successful online entrepreneurs is that you simply need to be more knowledgeable than the people you’re teaching. 

Before someone ever steps foot into your webinar, you’re going to have shared who this webinar is for to qualify someone as less knowledgeable than you in that particular topic. Otherwise, you’d be wasting both of your time if they stuck around for a training they wouldn’t benefit from!

So, rest assured that you are expert enough when you’re teaching from a place of being 1-2 steps ahead.

Plus, as we shared with Courtney’s story earlier, you can do webinars for other people’s audiences, which further adds to your credibility. When other online entrepreneurs choose to share your webinar with their audience who already trusts them, you’re getting a public endorsement that you’re trustworthy

That speaks volumes about your authority + quite literally amplifies your mission, message + moneymaking value to your ideal audience.

So, now we’d love to know: Are you convinced that you need to make webinars part of your online business? 

What will you create? What questions do you have?

Let us know in the comments below + if you’re ready to jump right into creating that effective webinar with us, then consider enrolling in our program Passive Income Parenthood™ where we help you build a solid online business funnel that profits while you parent

We’d love to see you there!