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What Being the CEO of Your Family Means

We’re taking a high-level review of what the CEO job description includes for running the business of your family.

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Save for a few key differences, being a parent running a family at home is very much like being a CEO running a team in a company.

When we start running our family more like a business + operating our business more like a family, there’s an incredible synchronicity that happens.

Choosing to step into the leadership role across the board can be organic, simple + profitable this way. We know because this is how we live!

So today, we’re taking a high-level review of what the CEO job description includes for running the business of your family.

Let’s go!

The Family CEO Job Description

You source well-curated information from people + places you trust, then make informed executive decisions.

You set the team culture + the cadence of the work you do together.

You set the boundaries that keep your environment feeling safe + secure, + decide when to employ people to help that environment thrive.

You set clear expectations for team members + support them with what they need to succeed at their role + hold them accountable. 

You set the vision + goals for the company at large.

You choose the systems that help you execute on those goals — or work with an operations leader (maybe your partner) to help you.

You lead by example, communicate with clarity + confidence, and you guide the strategy to improve your success (however you set the key performance indicators of success). 

Wow, that sounds like a lot, right?

But that’s the key to running the most important business you ever will: Someone has to lead, and if not YOU, then who?

If you’re already a parent + finding yourself constantly trying to find pockets of escape time (i.e. locking yourself in the bathroom with your phone), or taking the long way home from work because the chaos of home isn’t as comfortable as the control you had at the office, then stepping into the CEO role of your family is the next important step for you as a parent.

If you’re considering parenthood + wanting to step into the role confidently, then congratulations: you are getting promoted right from the start!

So now, we’d love to know: What is your definition of the Family CEO? 

Share your thoughts with us + other parent entrepreneurs in the comments below. We’d love to expand + edit this job description list with you!